Covid-19 Jobs Board

If you are not in a high risk group, and if you would like to earn a wage at this time, there are key jobs that need to be done as part of our national effort. Please take a look at some of the 50,000 jobs that are being advertised by supermarkets, for instance.

Some of these roles are, clearly, only for the duration of this Coronavirus crisis, but where employers have (wrongly) already fired staff, or where self-employed income may have reduced, these roles may help?

Nothing at this time is perfect. This is a huge national endeavour. This enemy - Coronavirus - is deadly, but it is BEATABLE. However tough the months ahead, I know we have the resolve to WIN THE FIGHT.


Pick for Britain

  • As we near peak harvest time, HM Government is appealing to British workers to support our farmers and growers by applying for seasonal farm work. Anyone is encouraged to apply for a job, including furloughed workers and students, with HM Government confirming that furloughed workers will be able to continue receiving 80% of their salary from HM Government. To make finding opportunities easier, the website has been launched, to help match up available opportunities with local jobseekers.


Covid-19 response

  • Intersurgical in Wokingham is urgently recruiting staff to help produce equipment for the NHS amid the coronavirus crisis. They produce respiratory care devices and are looking to hire warehouse operatives and production operatives. If you are interested in applying, you can do so on their website:
  • Specialist ventilator recruitment provider VHR says it has an unlimited number of vacancies for skilled engineers to start immediately. If you have experience in manufacturing, design and specification, rapid prototyping, product assembly, production or logistics, please send your CV to or call 0207 500 7980
  • Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust has the following vacancies:




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