Ranil Jayawardena MP Gives His Thoughts on Brexit

Whilst yesterday I voted against the so-called Brexit ‘deal’ that the Prime Minister has negotiated with the EU, today, I was pleased to support the government this evening in Labour’s attempted vote of no confidence.

The Conservatives have a clear track record on the domestic agenda: lower income tax, more people in work, more children in good or outstanding schools, £20 billion for the NHS. These are just some examples of the great things we have achieved in government. We must not let Brexit be the only show in town. I will never forget about North East Hampshire and what needs to happen to improve our everyday lives. That’s what Our Plan is about.

I didn’t get a chance to say anywhere near everything that I wanted to say in the Brexit debate yesterday, due to time limits on speeches, so I have recorded some of my thoughts here.

If you would like to more information on the deal and my reasons for voting against the deal, please watch the video or email me: email@ranil.uk