Ranil Jayawardena MP welcomes HCC’s great ‘U-turn’ on replacing school bus with walking route

Member of Parliament for North East Hampshire, Ranil Jayawardena, has welcomed Hampshire County Council’s decision today that it will not remove the Hook to Robert May’s School bus in place of a new walking route, as HCC says “it would not be the right thing to do to pursue the proposals”.

More information can be found in HCC’s Press Release.

Commenting, Ranil Jayawardena MP said:

“Over the last few years, I’ve been clear that Hampshire County Council’s (HCC’s) proposed new walking route was not a ‘safe route’ and was an unacceptable alternative to a school bus.

“That’s why I put pressure on HCC, along with your local councillors, to make sure a bus would continue to run – and that they should pay for a cycleway and cycle facilities at RMS, not just a footpath – as part of pushing them in the right direction.

“Having agreed that a bus service would continue anyway, it is welcome news that HCC have now backed down and will keep it free at the point of use.”