North Hampshire Cycle Network

I love cycling, and I know that my constituents do so too. Born as a response to the thousands of emails and messages I've received over the years - the North Hampshire Cycle network will link 27 destinations in North Hampshire, connecting transport hubs to villages, schools to nature hubs, and allowing you to travel safely and easily by bike, across the constituency and beyond. 

This scheme will not only improve accessibility for local residents, but will involve the entire community - from Parish and Town Councillors, to Developers, Businesses and many more stakeholders. 

With over 700 route combinations across the planned cycle network, it won’t just benefit the local area economically, but also improve air quality, reduce congestion, and make it safer and more convenient for you and your family to hop on your bikes - with seven ‘lines’ along the network for you to explore. It puts the whole of North East Hampshire on the map, and its purpose is driven by pride for the area. 

Cllr Steve Forster, Conservative Hampshire County Councillor for Fleet, launched the scheme alongside Mr Jayawardena, and commented:

“The North Hampshire Cycling Network is just a fantastic initiative. It does mean that we’ll see real progress on actually getting people out of their cars and encouraging people to use bicycles.”

Let me know your views by COMPLETING MY SURVEY HERE. 

Realising our shared plan will be a huge undertaking, so the seven routes are likely to be delivered in stages. We’ll make the strongest case if we can show we’re unified behind each route in turn. If we all call together, with one voice, we can do this!

Reducing school and commuter congestion and encouraging short journeys, including to local centres, has the potential to add the most value and have the biggest impact for everyone.

So, my petition calls first for the ‘Fleet Triangle’, our yellow route. If you agree, please sign my petition, below, and share with your neighbours, friends and family.

Cllr Steve Forster and I have worked on the potential route together and, whilst it can still be adapted, this envisions a new cycle path along Hitches Lane, linking Calthorpe Park School, Elvetham Heath and the surrounding parts of Fleet – as well as improved cycle routes along both Fleet Road and Elvetham Road towards Fleet Station.

Sign my petition below.

Fleet Triangle cycle route - North Hampshire Cycle Network

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To the Leaders, Cabinets and Members of Hart District Council and Hampshire County Council.

The Humble Petition of the residents of North East Hampshire, 

Declares that there is support for the proposed 'North Hampshire Cycle Network' of seven joined-up cycle routes; further that there is appetite to use such a cycle network, once built; and further that there is unified support for the 'Fleet Triangle' route to be the first delivered.

The petitioners therefore urge your councils to work together to plan and deliver this new cycle route in Fleet; further to deliver a route including a new cycle path along Hitches Lane, linking Calthorpe Park School, Elvetham and Fleet West; further to improve cycleways along both Fleet Road and Elvetham Road towards Fleet Station; and further to pledge to subsequently work towards delivering the remainder of the North Hampshire Cycle Network.

And the petitioners remain, etc.

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