Re-open Fleet Road

The closure of Fleet's "High Street" - Fleet Road - has not worked. It is causing huge problems for many local residents and business owners. 

A big part of the problem has been the lack of consultation on this road closure. The money spent - and soon to be spent by the council - could have been better used elsewhere on other "shovel ready" projects in Fleet. I've been listening to residents and have made my view clear to Hart District Council.

If you want the council to re-open Fleet Road, please sign the petition below and share it with your friends today!

Re-open Fleet Road

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To the Leader, Cabinet and Members of Hart District Council.

The Humble Petition of the residents of North East Hampshire, 

Declares that there was insufficient consultation ahead of the closure of Fleet Road to traffic; further that there have been significant implications for neighbouring roads as a result of the re-routing of traffics; and further that the closure of the road has made it more difficult for local people to get in to their local town centre.

The petitioners therefore urge Hart District Council to re-open Fleet Road as a matter of urgency; further pledge to retain on-street parking for cars and motorcycles; and further pledge that access along Fleet Road for cars and motorcycles will be maintained in the future.

And the petitioners remain, etc.

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