Sex and Gender Issues Survey

I am absolutely committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of women and girls. 

‘Gender identity ideology’ – the belief that someone can have a ‘gender’ that is different from their biological sex – is a contested theory and many people do not believe in it. This is not incompatible with the belief that we should build a society that benefits from everyone’s talents. The point is everyone should feel safe and should be treated as a human being without judgement or fear.  

As a resident of North East Hampshire, and as your MP, I know that many people have concerns about the law today, and the direction of travel espoused by some. 
Specifically, I have had many people express concern to me about the lack of clarity in law regarding the legal definition of sex; the protection of women’s spaces; and how the topic of gender identity is handled in schools; and how best to support and protect our children.  

I want your views to be heard, to help me as I seek to speak up for you in Parliament and elsewhere, particularly as new law is created. 

Do please take 60 seconds to complete my survey on the issues surrounding ‘gender identity’. 

Please feel free to share this link with any other parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours – for example, via any WhatsApp or Facebook groups you may be a member of – who you think may wish to contribute their views too. 

Sex and Gender Survey

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Should children be allowed to change their gender without parental consent?
Should schools guarantee single sex changing areas and lavatories?
Should people only be able to compete in sports according to their biological sex?
Should parents be aware of the content of a school’s RSHE ( teaching materials?
Should parents be able to withdraw their children from RSHE if they are not content with what they are being taught?
Should organisations like schools, hospitals and social services be able ask a child about their pronouns?
Should organisations like schools, hospital and social services be able to use pronouns that do not reflect a child’s biological sex?
Should teachers be allowed to promote gender identity belief in schools? For example, sharing their preferred pronouns, asking pupils their preferred pronouns.
Should pupils be expected to use a staff member’s preferred pronouns in school, if different from the pronouns associated with their sex?
Should a biological male be allowed be allowed to be placed in a female hospital ward, homeless shelter, rape crisis centre or prison?