Long Sutton Solar Farm

I care deeply about our local area and want make sure your views are properly heard in response to planning application 23/02591/FUL, which proposes a solar farm in Long Sutton. You can find the full details of the application here: bit.ly/hdcplanning

As you will know, and as was set out by your Councillors at the recent public meeting, the responsibility for planning lies with Hart District Council (HDC), as the local planning authority. In their Local Plan, HDC indicated their broad support for renewable energy so, as a result, developers are seeking permission for solar farms on a speculative basis.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) suggests that local planning authorities should plan for alternative energy in a similar way they do for houses, such as defining sites and setting targets. HDC has not done this. The NPPF also advises local planning authorities to focus on using previously developed land and non-agricultral land for solar farm developments, as long as the land is not of high environmental value. It is my view that we should focus on installing solar panels on unused roof space, of both existing and new buildings, instead of greenfield sites.

I strongly encourage residents to continue to work closely with their District Councillors, who have a seat at the table on this particular matter, but I will represent your and our fellow residents’ concerns in this process too. To do this, I need to evidence that I have properly heard all local views, so do please take 60 seconds to complete my survey.

Please be assured that I am listening to you, I understand your concerns and, with your help, I will make sure your views are heard by the Council.

Long Sutton Solar Farm Survey

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Do you support the proposed solar farm in Long Sutton?
Should high quality agricultural land should be protected from solar farm development?
Should Hart District Council approve all planning applications for solar panels on the roofs of existing buildings, instead of on greenfield sites?
Should Hart District Council mandate solar panels on the roofs of all new developments?