Ranil Jayawardena MP Asks the Prime Minister About Inadequate Care for Babies

I know that there is much chatter about today's political news. I have been listening to your views – and those of others who both agree and disagree with you – today. While I believe that the secrecy of the process should be preserved, I should like to convey without revealing my vote that I have listened to you and taken your points on board. I hope that you will trust me to do the right thing tonight.

Further, I want didn’t use my question to the Prime Minister to make political points on Brexit, nor to articulate a position on tonight’s vote. Instead, I wanted to use the opportunity to highlight an important issue that every family risks facing across the country – inadequate care for babies.

I trust this makes clear that I am focused with getting on with the business of government – and putting my constituents first – whatever is going on in our political parties.