Smoking and Vaping Survey

MPs are voting on the Tobacco and Vapes Bill in Parliament. It’s a free vote, which means MPs vote according to their own personal views.

This Bill aims to reduce smoking rates amongst young people, and we know the health risks of smoking are well documented – not to mention that smoking costs the economy £17 billion each year through lost earnings, deaths and costs to the NHS.

It’s important to point out that smoking rates have been steadily declining for the past 40 years, as a result of both consumer choice and government regulation, and while vaping can offer a smokers a less harmful alternative, I’m really concerned at the number of young people we’ve seen taking up vaping who otherwise would never have started smoking.

This Bill aims to make it illegal to sell tobacco, vapes and other tobacco products to anyone born after 1st January 2009.

It’s a contentious matter, so I’d like to know your thoughts on this. Have your say and let me know what you think about the ban by filling in my survey below.

Smoking and Vaping Survey

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Do you support a ban on tobacco for everyone born on or after 1st January 2009?
Would you support certain opt-outs from this ban, e.g. cigars?
Would you support a ban on tobacco being smoked in all public places, but allowing people to smoke in their own homes if they wish?
Do you support the tightening up of rules to stop children vaping?