Bartley Way Petition

I know many residents are concerned about pre-applications for the development of commercial units surrounding Providence House in Hook. I have discussed these applications with Councillor Selena Coburn as, ultimately, the decision for this application rests with the Planning Committee of Hart District Council (HDC).

Providence House was converted from offices to a residential building under permitted development rights. As the land surrounding Providence House is marked as an ‘employment site’, in the Hart Local Plan, HDC gave the nod for 11 commercial buildings to be built opposite Providence House.

There are now three pre-applications (23/02808/PREAPP, 24/00282/PREAPP and 23/02810/PREAPP) for additional commercial buildings to be built surrounding Providence House.

My view has always been clear that HDC is nowhere near ambitious enough in bringing forward brownfield land for regeneration for homes, and this includes the principle of buying up brownfield land themselves and getting stuck in rather than relying on developers who prefer greenfield sites.

Bartley Wood is ideal for redevelopment into starter homes for young people, as a very well connected brownfield site.

Local councils should use their powers of compulsory purchase to acquire land or buildings that may be of benefit to the community, or to secure the proper planning of the area. It is my view that HDC should exercise this power in relation to sites like Bartley Wood, to free up the land for regeneration – after a full knock down and rebuild – into new homes instead.

I hope you will support this petition, building upon my existing charter to encourage HDC to:

  • Reject 23/02808/PREAPP, 24/00282/PREAPP and 23/02810/PREAPP;
  • Purchase sites like the ones at Bartley Wood, with a compulsory purchase order, if needed;
  • Take forward the regeneration of brownfield sites across the District.

Thank you for your support in helping me champion this issue.

Bartley Way Petition

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To the members of Hart District Council.

The petition of the residents of Hook and others across North East Hampshire.

Declares that planning decisions should prioritise brownfield land for redevelopment into new homes; that HDC should purchase redundant employment land to secure its use for this purpose; and that this is how we can meet local housing needs and enable young people to fulfil their ambition of homeownership.

The petitioners therefore request that applications 23/02808/PREAPP, 24/00282/PREAPP and 23/02810/PREAPP, to demolish existing office buildings and for the redevelopment of new commercial buildings, be rejected; in addition, that this land and other such sites, should be purchased by HDC for the proper planning of the area and redeveloped into new homes to help young people to get on and up the property ladder, not warehousing.

And your petitioners remain, etc.

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I know many residents are concerned about pre-applications for the development of commercial units surrounding Providence House in Hook.