Faster, Longer, Better Trains

As many local residents rely on our railways, I'm continuing my fight for quicker, longer, better trains. That's why I met the Railways Minister, Paul Maynard MP, yesterday to highlight the improvements that need to be made to the South West Trains network - both today and in the future.

From more flexible season tickets, including the use of smart cards, to the lengthening of trains and better connections with Great Western Railway, we discussed proposals big and small - which add up to significantly improve the service for local people - and agreed how we will continue to work together to deliver improvements for North East Hampshire and the wider County.


Ranil Jayawardena MP—Opinion Piece April 2019

If you read my last column (!), you’ll know I’ve been writing about ‘Our Plan’ for a better North East Hampshire recently – six priorities to make our constituency an even better place to live and work.